How to choose oil control shampoo

Reasons for hair oil:

Hair oil is usually rich in the secretion of oil from the scalp, while secretions (fat and fatty substances) spread rapidly through the roots of the hair, and the hair is greased naturally. The oil on the scalp will secrete more sebum to replenish it. It will create a vicious circle. So you can not choose an empty oily shampoo, the more you control the oil.

How to choose the oil control shampoo:

You should choose a nourishing shampoo to help nourish your hair, soften it and clean your oil, but you do not need to wash it once a day for 2 or 3 days. Otherwise, tie your hair. The frequent use of a film for skin care is also good for nourishing the hair, but do not allow it to touch the scalp, otherwise it will become greasy.

Shampoo oil control shampoo notes:

1. Wash with warm water when washing your hair.
2. Strong degreasing shampoo can not be used daily, just for a week.
3. Do not wash your hair more than twice a day. After cleaning, the scalp will secrete a layer of oil for protection. The more it is washed, the more it is secreted.
4. The conditioner is placed on the tail of the hair to avoid grease. It should be placed on the part of the hair, avoiding the surface of the scalp.